Magnets | Velcro

Magnets and

Magnets / Velcro

Magnets and Velcro are used for various applications such as: magnetic car signs, trucks,
plexiglass with built-in neodymium magnets, and erasable magnetic boards. Available in
different magnetic forces and flexibility, it can be adapted to any projects.

Magnets | Velcro

optimal use

There are several types and strength of magnets just need to understand
your needs to have an optimal use.

We specialize in the manufacture of intervention cases for the various
fire departments in Quebec. Adapted according to their use for the
different municipalities we have lightened and made more functional
the use of its cases.

Magnets | Velcro

the solution for your projects

They are also used for safety checklists in factories, or for tools
used in a factory by several workers to identify the owner
of the tools.

Malleable and useful they can be the solution for your
daily projects.







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