Health and safety

Health and safety

Navigate the paths of safety and direction with our extensive range of signages.
Engineered for clarity and durability, each sign stands as a beacon of guidance, ensuring that essential information and directions are communicated with unerring accuracy.
Our signages are versatile, suitable for various settings, and crafted to withstand the test of time and environment, making them an investment in reliability.

Whether it’s a healthcare facility, educational institution, or corporate environment, our products are versatile enough to complement various spaces,
ensuring that each environment is equipped with visual tools that enhance information dissemination and safety.


Precision and clarity

This orientation sign is designed to clearly indicate the presence and location of a fire extinguisher. Bright red in color, it immediately attracts attention in an emergency. The diagonal white stripes add a touch of visibility, reinforcing its role as a safety indicator. In the center, a white icon of a fire extinguisher is accompanied by an arrow pointing downward, guiding individuals to the extinguisher below. The “FIRE” and “FIRE EXTINGUISHER” inscriptions are clearly visible, ensuring rapid identification of the safety device.

Ideal for commercial buildings, offices, educational establishments and any other location requiring clear and visible security measures.

Glow in the dark

Thanks to its ability to recharge with daylight, this panel is luminescent in the dark, ensuring optimal visibility even in low light conditions. Ideal for indicating emergency exits and escape routes in buildings, public places and other spaces requiring clear directions in the event of an emergency.

Make sure your occupants and visitors always know the way to follow in the event of an emergency with this luminescent emergency exit sign.







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